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We are very worried about the future for our students because of the disruption that COVID-19 is causing in our schools.  Studies show 80% of at-risk students are receiving inadequate or little education.  We could see a million students drop out as a result.


That hits children of incarcerated parents particularly hard.  They are already twice as likely to drop out as their classmates. That is one reason, in addition to supporting the No More Victims program in high school, we are launching a new program for middle school students.


GEMS will focus on keeping early adolescent students from falling through the cracks during the most challenging period of childhood.

We need you to be a part of our mission! 


 Become a founding member of our new program for middle school children of incarcerated parents. 

If you support our launch of GEMS now, COCI's Board of Directors has committed to generously match every donation dollar for dollar up to $25,000. For every $1 you donate today, COCI receives $2. 

Pick a GEM and see how your support can help make a difference in our program. 

Between GEMS in middle schools and No More Victims in high schools, we can repair the damage that has been done to the most vulnerable students in our community.