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COCI Announces a New Middle School Program

Remember how tough middle school was?

Try going through middle school living with the trauma, shame and uncertainty that comes with having a parent in prison. That’s when depression, behavioral issues, and self-image problems begin to emerge. It is when these students may start down the path to dropping out and winding up in prison as adults. 

Today, we are introducing a new program developed specifically for the nearly 43,000 early adolescent children of incarcerated parents in the Houston Metro area. This program is designed to help them navigate one of the toughest periods of any kids’ life.

The No More Victims program is a breakthrough program for high school students experiencing the trauma of parental incarceration. Now we want to do the same thing for middle school students.  Working with a team of experts, we are combining the lessons learned from No More Victims with the latest national research to help early adolescents avoid the school-to-prison pipeline.

Make a difference! Your contribution will help us make this life-changing program a success. Will you be a game-changer?  Click here to support our new program!

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