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10 Most Inspiring Teachers: Marilyn Gambrell

Beliefnet had chosen Marilyn Gambrell, founder of COCI’s signature program, No More Victims, as one of the 10 most inspiring teachers. Here is the post they did on her and No More Victims.

10 Most Inspiring Teachers

This month we are honoring inspiring teachers who have went above and beyond for their students.

Marilyn Gambrell

Former Parole Officer and CEO/Teacher at No More Victims in Houston, TX

Marilyn Gambrell is a former parole officer who felt compelled to make a difference in the lives of children whose parents are currently incarcerated. Gambrell decided to start the organization No More Victims, which was an hour long class that Gambrell facilitated. Over the years, Gambrell has saved hundreds of lives and instilled the confidence and power that many students were lacking in order to turn their lives around.

Gambrell said, “My favorite aspect to my job is when our children feel safe enough to release their pain, fears and secrets that have kept them emotionally paralyzed and to actually witness them begin to breathe their own air.”

In 2005 Gambrell’s story, Fighting the Odds, was made into a television movie on the Lifetime network. Many of her students recognize Gambrell as the force of change that their lives needed in order to make something out of their lives. “I’m not going to stop at all costs,” Gambrell said. Nonetheless, No More Victims has attracted the attention of celebrities like hip-hop artist Chamillionaire who support the organization.


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