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COVID-19 Response to Support Our Students

The Coronavirus can leave emotional scars on children who have already been traumatized

Here is what we are doing for the children of incarcerated parents

The economic impact of COVID-19 has forced us to make deep budget and personnel cuts to continue serving the needs of our students. But it has also driven home why we have no choice. The children of incarcerated parents in our No More Victims program come from low-income communities, where food and housing insecurity are a part of every day life. The pandemic threatens to throw them into crisis. While emergency programs may provide food and other assistance to their families, who can help them deal with the daily fear, the anxiety and the sense of panic that can overtake children who have experienced trauma? We can. In this video COCI's President and CEO Ken Wells to explain what we are doing to help our students cope during this unprecedented challenge.

We need your help. We need it now.

Your gift allows us to ride out the current financial storm even as we provide children of incarcerated parents with the lifeline they need right now. With a small donation, you can make a world of difference.


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