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Incarceration is Like a Disease

Our No More Victims Program is Like a Vaccine to Prevent it.

Please take a look at this map and tell me: shouldn’t we fix this?

A message from Rob Wisner, COCI Chairman

We are really amazed at a new software tool the Census Bureau just released. It tells the likelihood that a child will wind up in prison as an adult on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood level!

Here’s what the map of Houston looks like. Those dark red areas are the neighborhoods where children are most at risk of winding up in prison:

Here’s why this map is so important: Our No More Victims program works with children of incarcerated parents and for more than 20 years it has produced remarkable results. Nearly 100 percent of our high school seniors graduate and, in the history of the program, very few have become entangled with the criminal justice system.  The three schools where we hold classes are in those dark red parts of the city.

We believe that this map lets us treat incarceration like a disease.  We can identify the at-risk population and protect them from “catching” it.

Houston represents the largest percentage of inmates from any city in Texas.   Because of intergenerational incarceration, it also has the greatest percentage of children at risk of going to prison themselves.  In the history of the No More Victims program, we have helped prevent more than 1600 children from that fate.

Will you help us give vulnerable children a fighting chance? Your donation allows us to continue our work.

Here are the ways you can help:

Call us at (713) 836-9147 or email if you want to know more about our work with children of incarcerated parents.

Send a check to Cherish Our Children International, P.O. Box 79457, Houston 77279-9457.


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