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What Makes More Sense

Build More Prisons or Help Teens Stay Out of Prison in the First Place?

It costs $88 a day to keep an inmate in prison in America.

We keep kids out of prison for less than $5 a day.

At Cherish Our Children International, we just think it makes sense to spend a little bit on prevention instead of a lot on prison cells.

For more than two decades, our No More Victims Family program has worked with the teenage children of incarcerated parents. Our students face enormous challenges as they grow to adulthood. Children of incarcerated parents are:

- Twice as likely to exhibit criminal behavior as children of parents who have not been incarcerated,

- Half as likely to finish high school, and

- Frequent victims of abuse, neglect, violence, and homelessness.

Despite those troubling statistics, the No More Victims Family approach helps students survive and thrive by addressing their physical, emotional, academic and social needs. For the last five years, every one of our seniors has graduated. This year, our 47 graduates were all accepted to college, technical programs or military assignments. Most importantly, they avoid the trap of incarceration that their parents and frequently their grandparents face.

For 25 years, Cherish Our Children International has cared for youths who live on the razor’s edge of survival. We need your help to give vulnerable children a fighting chance.Here are the ways you can donate:

Donate online

Call us at (713) 836-9147.

Mail a check to Cherish Our Children International, P.O. Box 79457, Houston 77279-9457.

Thank you,

Darrell Rosenthal

COCI Treasurer

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